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Florida Transportation Plan (FTP)

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Will technology change how and when we travel?


How do we prepare our transportation system for, and recover from, weather, environmental, economic, and operational disruptions?


How do we improve the state’s most strategic transportation systems?


What regional or local needs should we consider?

We want to hear from you! Below is information about trends in resilience and resources to pique your understanding about why resilience matters in planning the future of transportation. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on resilience and how it will change transportation in the future using the red button below.

Why Resilience Matters

Natural hazards, cyberattacks, and other events can have significant and unexpected impacts on Florida. Simultaneously, trends such as sea level rise and global economic shifts can lead to progressive challenges. These events and trends can result in unanticipated transportation system disruptions and increasing constraints on infrastructure, impeding access to reliable mobility. The impact on the lives of residents and visitors and the flow of business and trade can be extensive. It is critical to prepare Florida’s transportation system to be adaptive in the face of these events and trends. Planning for resilience leverages our understanding of potential hazards to mitigate risk, make wiser investment decisions, and provide more reliable transportation. Many partners play an important role in shaping the collective efforts to make Florida’s transportation system resilient.




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