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Transportation Planning Studies

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FDOT Transportation Planning Studies

FDOT engages in planning so that the transportation projects and policies we implement will help achieve better outcomes, consistent with statewide, regional, and local visions and plans for the future. Effective planning lays the groundwork for development, design, and delivery of successful transportation projects and policies.

Potential planning study starting points are:
  • We want to analyze data to determine what, if anything, is needed.
  • We know there is a need, but want to refine our understanding of it and investigate possible solutions.
  • We’ve defined the need and want to evaluate a range of alternate solutions.

This website is intended to be a resource for planners in Florida at all stages of the planning process. Planning starts with the Florida Transportation Plan, the single overarching statewide plan guiding Florida’s transportation future, and continues through handoffs to Project Development and Design processes that lead into construction, deployment, or other implementation activities.

The resources available on this website are organized into three main themes listed below. Click on the + signs below to expand each section, and then click on the links below or to the left for more information and resources.


Transportation planning lays the groundwork for decisions FDOT makes about how to design and implement transportation policies and projects. It also helps us prioritize funding for transportation.

This section of the website contains resources on transportation planning basics, and provides examples of the types of plans and studies FDOT and our statewide, regional, and local partners undertake.


We study and plan for improvements to Florida’s multimodal transportation system so that the investments and policy changes we make will help the State of Florida advance toward our shared vision for the future. This section of the website provides resources to planners who may have multiple starting points for the plans and studies they are undertaking and a range of questions they are trying to answer.


Engaging the public in the transportation decision-making process can pose a significant challenge. Many people either do not understand or are skeptical about their ability to influence the decision-making process. Others may have more immediate concerns that occupy their attention and time, making it difficult to focus on issues that they may perceive as being abstract or too far in the future. People may want to participate, but are unable to make the time in their already busy schedules.

The challenge for transportation agencies and public involvement practitioners is to capture the public’s interest in the transportation decision-making process. The key is to convince the public that their active involvement and participation provides them an opportunity to have meaningful input into decisions affecting them and their communities.

This section of the website provides techniques and methods to encourage meaningful public participation throughout the transportation decision-making process.


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