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Florida Transportation Plan (FTP)

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Get Involved

Get Involved!

Do you drive or take the bus to work, receive packages at your door, fly for business or pleasure, or use a bike as your primary form of transportation? If you use transportation in any way, you should get involved in the FTP update. Without your input, the FTP cannot reflect the needs, values, and visions of the people who call Florida home and those who visit it. Your neighbors are sharing their transportation visions, and you should too.



Partner and Public Involvement

FDOT takes is partner and public involvement responsibilities seriously. The Partner and Public Involvement (PPI) Plan describes partner and public involvement activities that are planned as part of the update to the FTP. The purpose of this involvement is to provide early and continuous opportunities for public and partner input into the statewide transportation needs, opportunities, and decision-making processes. Keep an eye on FTP events for partner and public participation opportunities, including regional workshops to be scheduled in the spring of 2020.

*NEW* In light of the global pandemic resulting from the novel coronavirus, FDOT is providing an addendum to the PPI Plan to address how they will approach public outreach activities during this time. You can view the addendum here.