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Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) Implementation Element

Carmen Monroy
Director, Office of Policy Planning

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The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is the single overarching statewide plan guiding Florida’s transportation future. It is a plan for all of Florida created by, and providing direction to, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and all organizations that are involved in planning and managing Florida’s transportation system, including statewide, regional, and local partners. The FTP fulfills the requirements established in Chapter 339.155, Florida Statutes.

The FTP was updated in 2015 and includes three parts:


The FTP Vision Element provides a longer-term view of major trends, uncertainties, opportunities, and desired outcomes shaping the future of Florida’s transportation system during the next 50 years.


The FTP Policy Element defines goals, objectives, and strategies for Florida’s transportation future over the next 25 years. The Policy Element is the core of the Florida Transportation Plan and provides guidance to state, regional, and local transportation partners in making transportation decisions.


The FTP Implementation Element defines the roles of state, regional, and local transportation partners in implementing the Florida Transportation Plan, including specific short- and medium-term actions and performance measures.

The FTP Implementation Element was developed as a web-based application and will be continually updated to include the most recent trends and conditions as well as FDOT and partner activities. The Implementation Element is intended to be used by FDOT staff, Florida’s transportation partners, and the public to follow implementation activities and monitor progress toward meeting performance measures.